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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


J. Michael Fox


The purpose of Believe in Creativity is to provide an afterschool program implementing skills used in creativity to help develop leaders of tomorrow and removing the negative persona other generations have on today’s youth. Some may argue that the advancement of technology benefits the youth because it is a form of entertainment, resources are accessible, and they have different forms of travel. Others believe that the advancement of technology is not beneficial because it causes the youths to be antisocial, aggressive, and non-creative. Though the advancement of technology has both pros and cons in the lives of the youth, I hope to merge both creativity and technology in my afterschool program Believe in Creativity to increase future leaders. Believe in Creativity will provide students everyday tools that can be applied in the real world by creating workshops involving creative problem-solving techniques, developing and leadership skills and incorporating activities such as community service, sports, and arts and crafts to accompany the youth and engage with their communities.