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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. John F. Cabra

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Dr. John F. Cabra


In this master’s project I explore ways to improve a budget process by integrating the principles and tools of creativity and Creative Problem Solving. I do this by prototyping, testing, and revising a creativity-budget model. The creativity-budget prototype model was based on my professional experience in federal budgeting and a literature review on topics including governance, the budget process, stakeholders, collaboration, the impact of the budget process on the creativity of an organization, and the principles of creativity and creative problem solving. In July 2018, I tested the prototype model by conducting creativity-budget workshops in Myanmar. Based on my experience in Myanmar and additional literature review, I have revised my model. The revised creativity-budget model focuses on integrating the principles, thinking skills, and tools of creativity and Creative Problem Solving into the budget preparation (formulation) phase of the budget process. The revised model also integrates basic Creative Problem Solving phases with the other budget process phases: review and approval; execution; and evaluation and audit. I discuss areas for future research and refinements to my creativity-budget model.