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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


J. Michael Fox


From a brief history of poetry, to words of scattered yet sympathetic thoughts my obsession with poetry will be unleashed. My thoughts and different approaches with this project will take on a few different short intoxicating narratives and excursions. Different sections of my project are simple yet complex indirect reflections of verbal asymmetrical shapes, and visual connections. Ultimately, you will be able to experience the visual connections through the photos that I took and my poetic approach. I hope this project is found to be seen as an exhilarating experience as I share my personal self, my thoughts on creativity, and the positive impact it can have on our youth. My world is filled with creative imagination, chaotic verbal chemistry, and divine surprises. Here is where you will take a journey with me through this wild maze that you may not directly understand, but indirectly I will make sure is understood. Creatively and ultimately the maze will also reflect the game connect the dots in a divergent and convergent formality. This complicated, yet tranquil maze will start out with caged in mental thoughts, my personal incubation moments, and questions to consider with the intent to make you think. The maze will also take on many twist and turns as the journey takes a walk with my daily mental and emotional self through words of expression. The art of poetry, what it sounds like, smells like, and feels like. The series of poems that I created seem to be appropriate to the narrative are presented for eyes to see and wisdom to gain. You never know you might just find some value in this journey maze and may even feel yourself being able to relate to the subject matter.

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