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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Michael Jon Fox

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Michael J Fox

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Gerard Puccio


In Creative Problem Solving, Does Projection Influence the Press? What this project aims to achieve is using creative problem tools with the notion that Projection (in relation to circumstances in our environment) causes us to push against our press. Using Projection (mental images), can we find solutions to problems efficiently? Samples of CPS tools and their uses will be explained. "Projection" meaning and inner-works of our brain function will show an illustration that will be clarified as to how individual's cognitive functions react to stimuluses'. Projection is a simulation of a scene, place, and time. It is reasonable to ask that if, based on our environmental factors like press (environment), attitudes, and emotions, do we Project or re-create mental pictures in our mind that help move us forward whereby we solve problems deliberately to overcome our environment beforehand. Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion proves what humanity does to push against the press. Projection including future think (prospection), remembering the past, considering the viewpoint of others (theory of mind) and navigation is proven as fact according to figure two. We instinctively Project images in our mind to solve problems and find solutions that derive from our environment/press. It's almost like playing and replaying a video. Ekvall's ten questionnaire will be mentioned. The Visual Thinking process and PPCo tool uses, helps us prioritize visual pictures we Project that drive us to find a creative solution, goal or wish. There will be samples of what our mind perceives when faced with press challenges and issues based on our circumstances. “Prospection" concepts will be examined. Mentioned is how moods, behaviors and emotions could play a role in our decision making on environmental factors positively or negatively. To support this I will share the father of brainstorming's view on mental imagery and what he believes humans use innately.