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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Susan Keller-Mathers Ed.D

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Susan Keller-Mathers Ed.D


This Master’s Project describes and reflects on elements of my journey to becoming a Creativity Professional. Originally this semester-long project, was focused on my learning about bodymind principles of transformation so that I could then apply them to an original 4-week workshop. What manifested instead was the need to develop a 3-hour introductory workshop and the attendant processes that would support me in finding an audience with which to share my work and help me establish a polished professional presence. This finished Project includes my learning to design and lead transformational workshops, the development of a workshop that includes experiences designed to stimulate the body and the emotions and aspects of my personal process. I describe how I had to refocus and adapt my initial plans for this Project and the tools and thinking that I used to go from where I started to where I ended up. I conclude with a reflection on the entire process of my educational experience.