Changing Perceptions of Creativity Through a Conceptualized Marketing Communications Plan

Peggy Barnwell, Student


People share a common understanding surrounding the need for creativity, but not everyone agrees on what it is, or is aware that everyone has the ability to express it. The main goal of this project is to present creativity as a viable, marketable skill for everyone through the development of a marketing communications plan. This project was designed to break creativity out of it’s own stereotype by defining the practice, abandoning the myths surrounding it, and defeating the barriers which currently inhibit people from exploring their own creative abilities. The creative product produced is a conceptual campaign message celebrating creativity and providing a forum for community members to express their unique ideas. The plan partners advertising and experiential components, with social media platforms to inspire people to approach creativity differently; to move people from a perceived creative deficit to believing in their creative relevancy in order to enrich their daily lives and stimulate a greater social change.