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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Cynthia Burnett

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This project focused on creating a supplemental resource guide for people who have recently completed a course on Creative Problem Solving (CPS). This resource guide was designed to go beyond the basic resources of a typical CPS course and provide additional detail and context to enable new students of CPS within my research and development (R&D) organization to more confidently practice deliberate creativity skills and tools in real-world settings. More specifically, this resource guide provides guidance and detailed considerations for how to select divergent and convergent thinking tools for typical R&D collaboration scenarios, as well as how to incorporate deliberate creativity tools into R&D processes such as scientific inquiry. A prototype assessment tool for determining whether CPS is the appropriate innovation method for a task was also developed. Key process and content insights developed during the project are presented in the context of how to foster practice of CPS within a large R&D organization.