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Creativity and Change Leadership, Graduate Certificate Program


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers

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A Practical Guide to CPS Training

This Master’s Project is focused on how I as a Creative Problem Solving (CPS) practitioner might more effectively and concisely teach the CPS process and tools to an audience of laypeople in a manner that:

  • They can quickly grasp and understand the basic concepts and principles.
  • Encourages them to start using the tools and process immediately.
  • Spurs them on to continue developing their knowledge of and their skills in the application of CPS process and tools.

Note. In this paper when capitalized as a proper noun “Creative Problem Solving” (CPS) refers to the process originally developed by Osborn (1953). In lower case, creative problem solving refers to general creative thinking applied to challenges and problems.