Considering the State of the Creative Studies Department: An Idealistic Approach to Departmental Improvement

Trevor A. Tomion, Buffalo State College


When I set out on this journey, I sought to address how student energy in the Creative Studies department might be improved and maintained for students. It was my experience (both myself and those around me) that many “traditional” students (seeking a degree for the purposes of finding professional employment) come into the Creative Studies curriculum very excited and driven, but lose momentum somewhere along the way. Both parties in this exchange stand to gain by improving and stand to lose if conditions remain the same or deteriorate. This paper will provide perspectives from the consumers of a Creative Studies Master of Science degree from SUNY Buffalo State, spending a large portion of paper-space in discussing and suggesting solutions to potential areas for development. Several areas for development are addressed more briefly. All information in this paper was ascertained firsthand from students, graduates, faculty and staff of the Creative Studies department.