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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Mike Fox

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Shock Incarceration Programs Creative Problem Solving

Many women who are incarcerated inside correctional boot camp prisons might have substantial low self-esteem that could worsen due to the stress of the prison environment, confinement, and being far away from their children and family members. Shock Incarceration or “boot camp” male correctional programs are degrading for female inmates: They do not meet the special needs and problems of women. Programs are based on control theory, which implies that an individual’s behavior assimilates to that which is expected by society. Female inmates are taught discipline and responsibility by “breaking down and building up” to make certain they will become law abiding citizens. Boot camp prison programs were developed to address the lawlessness of men. This paper seeks to discuss the need to implement feminist programs and creativity for creative problem solving. Feminist theory advances social change for women in overcoming dominant cultural and societal norms. Creativity, a deliberate process that opens the door to change, will be effective to enable women to build their high self-esteem. The Creative Problem-Solving Workbook: For Building Women’s Self-Esteem will be introduced. It was created to develop deliberate thinking processes for self-esteem while incarcerated.