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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Cynthia Burnett

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A Movement Tool Kit for the Divergent and Convergent CPS Guidelines:

Instruction Cards and Activity Floor Mats

Movement is as natural to humans as breathing is, and, yet, passivity starts early in schools. We are taught to sit still and in silence for long periods of time. By the time we reach adulthood and enter the workforce, we have almost forgotten our sense of embodiment. This lack of movement is counter-productive, not only to learning but to the development of creativity as well. For this project, I designed a tool to recapture the joy and playfulness of movement. Furthermore, the tool seeks to improve kinesthetic intelligence and build a bridge between movement and creativity. I’ve included a series of cards for creativity practitioners and activity floor mats for participants, which seem simple at first glance. However, once experienced, they have the capacity to deepen understanding of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) divergent and convergent thinking guidelines. The work presented here is based on rich academic research in the areas of embodiment, metaphors, gestures, movement, Gaga methodology, and the science of creativity. The underpinning theories supporting each are briefly reviewed, but I have provided an extensive bibliography for the reader who craves further exploration. The development, outcomes, and key learning of this project, as well as the results of its evaluation, are also provided.