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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


J. Michael Fox

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J. Michael Fox


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A Creative Problem Solving Toolkit for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

Rebuilding and recreating one’s mental and physical life after traumatic brain injury is one of the most daunting of human experiences. At the same time, this is a perfect opportunity to adopt a creative life. With a mumble-jumble of seemingly random thoughts without much rhyme nor reason post-TBI, retraining one’s brain to deliberately establish a “new normal” life can be enhanced with the deliberate process of Creative Problem Solving. Working with a balance of divergent and convergent thinking, the major premise of creative problem solving, in and of itself, provides an initial framework for post-TBI brain re-training. While many of the tools commonly associated with CPS are too complex to be assimilated into a program of post-TBI brain retraining, some tools, with little modification, provide valuable pieces of a framework for post-TBI brain training. This project outlines the beginnings of a Do-It-Yourself program for TBI survivors incorporating the principles of creative problem solving and some of the existing CPS tools with others developed from my experience and the input of other TBI survivors.