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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Cynthia Burnett

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Dr. Cynthia Burnett


The primary intent of this project was to formulate a novel guidance system to help individuals gain clarity and understanding of their "inner vision" of a desired future state. My secondary goal was to enrich the palette of resources and tools available for coaching individuals in their discovery and crafting of personal and/or professional visions. Initially, I conducted an extensive literature review that inspired my approach. Then, I followed a process for assessing existing visioning tools and then imagining new opportunities to create, conceptualize, and craft at least five novel visioning tools.

The project outcome includes a Personal Visioning Guidance Model to navigate through the visioning process. In it, I described the key five stages and the Torrance Incubation Model (TIM) as micro-stage in each main stage. I ideated a palette of approaches to offer a broad spectrum of possibilities for visioning tools, and I conducted front-end development of seven of them. I also presented specific learning about every stage of the model as well as those from trialing five visioning tools with two subjects. Finally, I analyzed how this project adds value and a number of actions to progress further.


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