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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Susan Keller-Materhs

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Susan Keller-Mathers


Details the process of a student creating a podcast about creativity. The show’s goal is to entertain as well as inform, a tone that can be hard to achieve. As well as entertain and inform, the podcast is intended to attract clients to the creativity coaching business found at . Discusses the three phases of the production – content, production, and promotion – and gives resources, timeline and process as to how each phase was achieved. For content guidance, influences included: Wilfred, and How I Met Your Mother and Homestarrunner, and existing radio series like Welcome to Nightvale. For educational tone, the Torrance Incubation Model and Beyonder traits were consulted. Many formats were considered and discussed, and a newscast parody format was ultimately chosen and produced. For production, Adobe’s Audition software and were used. Both were effective platforms for quality audio product. For promotion, a webpage was dedicated to two episodes per month. Audience development got a boost by engaging 20+ voices in the first two shows and by using Facebook to keep people aware of the show’s progress. Postcards were developed as the graphic on the webpage, as well as an inexpensive print marketing tactic.