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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


J. Michael Fox

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Teaching the Universal Language of Creativity: A Guide to Training.

The purpose of education in any regard is to provide knowledge and information, to teach something. Parents, educators, and professionals alike are experiencing some difficulty in education, in that they are not being properly taught how to nurture some particular needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, specifically on how to use creativity to do so. Educators, parents, and professionals in the field need to start advocating for a balance between strict regulations and creativity. In the recent years, there has been quite the push for creativity and innovation in businesses, nationally and internationally, so where is the same push for education? This project examines creativity, in a scholarly sense, since its beginning, as well as new standards placed in public school systems, specifically in Buffalo, NY, that seem to stifle creativity. Using interviews and short survey results, the project examines and presents a curriculum to incorporate creativity into educating those who interact with individuals with developmental disabilities on a regular basis.

Keywords: creativity, education, special education, developmental disabilities, Common Core, International Center for Studies in Creativity, curriculum.