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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. J. Cabra

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Dr. Fox

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Amanda Mantino

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The purpose of this project is to show how Creative Problem Solving can be introduced into everyday processes and challenges through the use of business and project management monitoring tools. The project will review CPS facilitation experiences which explain how to integrate the CPS process alongside monitoring, controlling, and risk assessment methods in order to optimize existing processes. As a part of this integration process the idea of why Creative Problem Solving facilitation could use tools and tactics which will provide awareness and motivation to keep the process on track until the goal is attained and success is met. The project will also explain awareness indicator tools such as survey questions and visual color coding and how they are effective in measuring success or failure based on driving momentum and monitoring risk. The finished product includes a 15 minute presentation on the RYG visual indicator tool, Pre and Post facilitation survey questions, as well as specific questions that are asked to heighten awareness around approach and process.


This project is to help ensure the success of those who will attempt to implement their CPS facilitation plan.

It includes tools for monitoring momentum and risk awareness which will help to ensure that the plan is successful.

Please note: This project was originally submitted as a .htm file and has been converted to pdf. The original file is still available for download as an additional file.