Gaining Understanding through Creativity: Comparion of the Understanding by Design Model and General Creativity Concepts

Michael James Thomas Joseph Bridge


This thesis investigated general creativity concepts compared to the concepts already identified in the Understanding by Design model. A content analysis was conducted in context of the basic concepts in Creativity, Knowledge, and Understanding (C-K-U bridge Theory) that purported a symbiotic relationship between the sets of Creativity and Understanding. To identify the key similarities, differences, and connections between the concepts of Creativity and Understanding, data were identified from five sources to develop grounded theory in qualitative analysis. Three levels of analysis were then performed to illuminate trends and connections between the two concepts. The Creativity facets of Synthesis, Application, Connect, Imagine, Openness, and Transpose were compared and contrasted to the Understanding facets of Explanation, Interpretation, Application, Perspective, Empathy and Self-Knowledge. Results of the content analysis indicated that concepts of Creativity and Understanding appear to support each other in a symbiotic, mutually supportive relationship. Creativity and Understanding were linked by the process of selfactualization and on values of affirmative judgment and keeping an open mind.