The Creativity Thoughts Project: Integrating Website, Blog, Weibo and Mobile App into a Platform to Promote Creative Studies in China

Chendan Cui


Creativity is rising. As China’s economy develops, government and public interest in creativity and innovation has never been higher, but Chinese literature about creativity is comparatively limited, and there is no website specifically focused on promoting basic information and knowledge about creative studies in China. The Creativity Thoughts project is a long-term project that works on integrating the website, blog, Weibo (a microblogging website similar to Twitter), and mobile app into a digital platform of knowledge exchange to introduce basic information and knowledge to Chinese readers who are interested in this field. The core of this project is the growing Creativity Thoughts database that is mainly composed of this author’s original writing, academic notes or translations of English materials into Chinese. Besides literature, this database also includes pictures that help to visualizing creativity and creative events. The materials of the database will be published at the official website of this project and author’s blog. The content of this blog will be converted into a mobile app for the Android mobile system. At the same time, the Weibo feed will synchronize with the blog and build more interaction between the author and readers. After a one-month experiment, the effectiveness and meaning of this project was positively proven.