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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Cyndi Burnett

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Imagination in action: Parents and children exploring

creativity together through a children’s book.

The purpose of this project, imagination in action, is to provide a playful way for parents and children to experience and learn a skill together using a story. The story follows a seemingly ordinary toothpaste cap from Russia to Niagara Falls. To learn about the cap’s adventure the two main characters put the cap under their pillow, and then they dream of where the cap has gone. To enhance the learning and explain the value and importance of creativity not only for children but also for adults a message for parents, is included in the beginning of the book that is grounded in recent literature and studies of creativity done by experts in the field. The book also provides parents and children with practical ways to enhance their imagination by providing activities at the end of the book.

KEYWORDS: imagination, play, children’s book