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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Gerard J. Puccio PhD

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An “information-experience” encapsulated by a technological/digital audio-visual tool presents data and potentially meaningful information to prompt actionable knowledge concerning: “unspoken creative process elements;” their profound impacts on both how well our “physiology of creativity” functions; but also on how well foundational creative thinking and behavioral prerequisites (energy, motivation, imagination, and ownership) are leveraged.

The product: 1) introduces the user to one component of the CPS (Creative Problem Solving) Facilitation Process - Exploring the Challenge; 2) features a content specific component which prompts exploration of the many correlations between societal, organizational / community, human physiological / behavioral data, and the direct relationships of these to creative/productive capacities and capabilities; while also 3) establishing an overview and resources to delve further into experiences or information concerning the domain of Creativity Science, Innovation, Change Leadership, or wellness/health-driving productivity factors, behaviors, and tools.


(Note: PowerPoint files are designed to link together offering one experience with several paths of exploration. However links may have been broken during uploading into this webportal.)

1 - explore the Information Experience INTRO_begin here.pptx (298 kB)
Info-Experience Starting Point

2A - explore a challenge experiment - PROACTIVE PARTICIPATION REQUIRED.pptx (62694 kB)
Info-Experience - CPS Explore A Challenge

2B - exploring CREATED HEALTH CREATING WELLNESS & CREATIVITY_productivity_CORRELATES selected quotes v 2.pptx (22180 kB)
Info-Experience - Created Health

3A - orange time.pptx (80 kB)
A Facilitative or Navigational Element

3B - indigo time.pptx (5039 kB)
A Facilitative or Navigational Element

3C - organizing after thoughts.pptx (119 kB)
A Facilitative or Navigational Element

4 - explore more_extend learning.pptx (91 kB)
A Facilitiative or Navigaational Element

appendix d1.pdf (43 kB)
A Facilitative or Navigational Element

appendix d2.pdf (73 kB)
A Facilitative or Navigational Element

appendix d3.pdf (160 kB)
A Facilitative or Navigational Element