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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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This project has allowed me the opportunity to create a workshop of exploration for women in mid-life, as they reenter the job market. The main purpose of the workshop was to foster a means of self-discovery for these women through the creativity that lives inside them. Through the use of creative concepts and tools we were able to focus on the need for empowerment and self-confidence, in order to face some of the challenges in our current day workforce. It was also designed to provide clarification of their choice to partner with our agency, Everywoman Opportunity Center, Inc. while working toward this endeavor. It was also meant as a means of support for a homogeneous group facing similar barriers and celebrations that occur at this time in their life. Most importantly, it was developed with the intent to remind these women that their past does not necessary define who they are and where their future may lead.