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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Marie Mance

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Marie Mance



Crafting a Career Using CPS and FourSight

The purpose of my project is to develop a case study of how I will use Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and an attention to my Foursight preferences to grow my existing craft business into a viable career, rather than having it as just a hobby.

By utilizing the CPS Thinking Skills Model and having a greater awareness of my Foursight preferences, I was able to move from a dream to a reality and come out the other end of this project with a fully functioning, profitable business rooted firmly in creativity.

This project was two fold in nature: I spent a great deal of time using CPS and its various tools as well as enhancing the Foursight preferences that are not mine naturally. I then reported in a case study fashion how this introspection has effected my craft business.