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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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Dr. Cyndi Burnett


Explanatory Audiovisual about CPS Process
With this Master’s Project, my aim is to create a medium to help raise awareness of "Creative Problem Solving". To this end, I believe that the creation of audiovisual material could provide an excellent medium to be used as a support for explanation sessions, and that it will facilitate understanding, specially for the Spanish and Basque Country’s market, where the CPS process is still very unknown.
The idea behind creating this material, or the necessity to do so, arose from several educational, facilitation and training sessions that I have run. When working with groups of students, company workers or organizations, I had the feeling that it was difficult for the participants to put what they learned into practice. I had the impression that they understood the underlying concepts, but it was difficult for them to get a specific idea of how they could be applied. For the purpose of this project, I have created this material to accompany an explanation, or to be used as an introduction to CPS.


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