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Creativity and Change Leadership, Graduate Certificate Program


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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Dr. Cyndi Burnett


What happens when the sciences of brain physiology, human psychology and marketing collide with the science of creativity? Could this generate a massive impact leading to the Holy Grail of marketing—a rare insight into the code for building strong brand/customer relationships? As a veteran copywriter and creative director in the ad industry, my tools for gaining customer insight were limited to traditional research and strategy methodologies such as focus groups, interviews and surveys, and to my gut instincts. Once introduced to the science of creativity, I became curious about certain connections to human behavior—specifically connections between the physiology of the brain and the contributions of Abraham Maslow and Carl Jung to human psychology. These connections point to a controlling part of the human unconscious where the Point of Emotional Impact resides between a brand and its customer. This paper takes you on an expedition to that Point of Emotional Impact showing you how elements of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Jung’s archetypes intersect in the limbic system forming an indelible bond between a brand and its customer. Along the way, you will discover a model to describe this phenomenon and creativity tools to help uncover the right information needed to engage the model. This then, is a personal journey into learning and connecting, as well as a quest to give to my marketing communications agency a badge of distinction and calling card for new business.


From this project, I have since developed a workshop to help clients discover where the emotional connection is between their brand and stakeholders, and how they need to look, talk and act in order to engage that emotional connection in their stakeholders.