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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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The purpose of this master’s project was to contribute to Janice Francisco and Cyndi Burnett’s (2008) research on deliberate intuition within the Creative Problem Solving Thinking Skills Model (CPSTSM) framework developed by Puccio, Murdock & Mance (2007). 16 intuition tools, “itools” (Francisco & Burnett, 2008) aimed at tapping into deliberate intuition as an integral component of the creative process, were collected, described, developed, and grouped into 4 categories; Quick & Dirty, Artsy Fartsy, Yellow Brick Road, and Abracadabra. The importance of setting intention was highlighted as an integral component of any itool, as well as the need for more research into ways in which consciousness and ‘other-than-consciousness’ is defined and addressed within the intuitive process. This collection serves as an initial itool kit, with testing and validation to follow.