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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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This case study explores the link between the development of a comprehensive organizational assessment tool, the Innovation Aptitude™ Audit and the creative thinking process, as defined by Paul Torrance. The case is designed to engage readers with the Audit while simultaneously exploring the multiple dimensions of the creative process. It shows the power of the creative process at its best (in that it enables us to develop output that is new and useful) and at its most challenging (in that it constantly tests our commitment to our original visions, requires us to take uncomfortable risk and manage self-doubt). By portraying the creative process as a powerful core competency that engages emotions, knowledge, intrinsic capabilities and cognitive capabilities in the pursuit of a creative product, the case raises questions about how individuals in organizations can produce better “product” by using the tools and techniques of creativity while simultaneously managing the challenges creativity presents.