Dr. David Lampe Poetry Speakers Collection [1979-2002]

Dr. David Lampe Poetry Speakers Collection includes audio files from various poetry speakers/presenters that visited SUNY Buffalo State from 1979-2001. Please see individual audio for biographies on each poet. For additional collection items, please visit: https://library.buffalostate.edu/archives/lampe

This collection was highlighted in 1300 Elmwood in the article, "A Look Back: Literary Series Brought Hundreds of Esteemed Poets, Writers to Campus."


Agosin, Marjorie; 1992-03-31, Marjorie Agosin

Archer, Nuala; Mobile Homes; reading, Nuala Archer

Archer, Nuala; Whale on the Line and Pan; reading, Nuala Archer

Boitani, Piero; 1989-09-13, Piero Boitani

Bruchac, Joseph; 1988-09-20, Joseph Bruchac

Callaghan, Barry; 1989-02-16; afternoon session, Barry Callaghan

Callaghan, Barry; 1989-02-16; evening session, Barry Callaghan

Callaghan, Barry; 1993-10-12, Barry Callaghan

Callaghan, Barry; 1994-02-13, Barry Callaghan

Callaghan, Barry; 1996-03-05, Barry Callaghan

Callaghan, Barry; 1996-03-15, Barry Callaghan

Callaghan, Barry; 2002-03-15, Barry Callaghan

Debeljak, Aleš; 1994-09-22_full, Aleš Debeljak

Gay, John; 2002-11-20, John Gay

Grennan, Eamon; 1988-02-18, Eamon Grennan

Grennan, Eamon; 1991-10-24, Eamon Grennan

Grennan, Eamon; 1998-03-05, Eamon Grennan

Heaney, Seamus; 1982-02-14, Seamus Heaney

Ikogawa, Joy; 1998-10-05, Joy Ikogawa

Joyce, Michael; 1989-10-03, Michael Joyce

Keating, Diane; 1991-03-20, Diane Keating

Kenny, Maurice; 1984-10-30, Maurice Kenny

Kloefkorn, William; 1983-03-01, William Kloefkorn

Kloefkorn, William; 1987-03-24, William Kloefkorn

Kloefkorn, William; 1997-03-27, William Kloefkorn

Lewandowski, Steven; 1983-10-20; discussion, Steven Lewandowski

Lewandowski, Steven; 1983-10-20; reading, Steven Lewandowski

Matheson, Lister; 1989-04-22, Lister Matheson

Montague, John; 1979-05-07, John Montague

Montague, John; 1981-05-12, John Montague

Montague, John; 1989-04-21, John Montague

Montague, John; 1992-05-04, John Montague

Montague, John; 1993-05-04, John Montague

Montague, John; 1996-05-02, John Montague

Montague, John & Barry Callaghan; 1983-03-18, John Montague and Barry Callaghan

Morency, Pierre & Barry Callaghan; 1981-10-13, Pierre Morency and Barry Callaghan

Morgan, Robert; 1997-11-06, Robert Morgan

Munro, Alice; 1996-11-07, Alice Munro

Oppenheimer, Joel; 1981-07-02, Joel Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer, Joel; 1985-03-07, Joel Oppenheimer

Carter, Revard; 1990-02-13 (1), Carter Revard

Carter, Revard; 1990-02-13 (2), Carter Revard

Rubrecht, Janene; 1989-11-30, Janene Rubrecht

Urquhart, Jane; 1996-02-13; partial recording, Jane Urquhart

Vincent, Dean; 1997-10-30, Dean Vincent

Virgo, Sean; 1996-02-27; part 1, Sean Virgo

Virgo, Sean; 1996-02-27; part 2, Sean Virgo

Virgo, Sean; 1996-02-27; part 3, Sean Virgo

Winstone, Norma; 1993-10-12, Norma Winstone