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Art Conservation, M.A., C.A.S.


Art Conservation Department


Theresa J. Smith

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Anne Hillam


This project is focused on improving access to the John C. Lord Collection by creating an accessible and adaptable digital catalogue to facilitate use. The 23 volumes in the collection span four centuries and include many different binding structures. Several of the volumes are in bindings contemporary with the text. In 2015 the collection was placed on long-term deposit at the Buffalo State Art Conservation Department from the Buffalo History Museum. The collection has served as a study collection for book conservation students and as a result, the department has generated a large collection of electronic documentation of the collection. Data relating to the collection is stored on the department server but is not easily searchable. If unaddressed, deficiencies in the current system can lead to dissociation of collection records from the items. This project gathered all previously collected data, reports, and studies relating to the collection and created an adaptable finding aid and workflow to facilitate use of the collection.