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1944. Written military orders for July 4, 1944 for the Polish II Corps from its commander, Lieutenant-General Władysław Anders. Marked “Top Secret.” Signed by Colonel Kazimierz Wiśniowski. Handwritten note by Drzewieniecki indicates that these orders were prepared by him. Background: During the 1944 Italian Campaign, Anders was given command of the Adriatic sector of the Italian theater by the Allies. The task of the Polish II Corps was to capture the port city of Ancona on the eastern coast of Italy. On June 21, Polish forces defeated German forces to cross the Chienti River and on July 4, they were moving forward to Osimo, which they captured on July 6. They went on to take Ancona on July 18. Document contents: The first section of the document describes the situation, mentioning the heavy losses suffered the previous day, the inability to hold onto captured territory, the expectation that German forces would retreat to the Camerana S 6338-Osimo-Musone line, and the actions engaged in by two Polish divisions and one brigade. The second section provides orders to one division to move forward to take the region of Osimo in the direction of Ancona, supported by a tank squadron, avoiding serious engagements with the enemy, and to one brigade to strengthen the division – after it took Osimo – with some of its units and describes how various forces should be distributed by the end of the day.



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Polish Army, WWII, Italian Campaign

Top Secret Military Orders from Lieutenant-General Władysław Anders, with Handwritten Notes by Walter Drzewieniecki