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64: Recap of Gay Rights and the Law Conference; Interview with Arthur Axlerod, 1974-05-08


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The Madeline Davis LGBTQ Archive of Western New York


Archives & Special Collections Department, E. H. Butler Library

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Recap of Gay Rights and the Law Conference; Interview with Arthur Axlerod

Date: May 8, 1974

Episode: 64

Speakers: Bob Siegler, Philip Dean Parker

Keywords: WBFO, NPR, gay, lesbian, Stonewall Nation, University at Buffalo School of Law, Gay Rights and the Law, panel, Franklin Kameny, Don Michaels, William Gardener, Barbara Henshue, Kenneth Joyce, Bonny Strunk, Lewis Schwartz, Bruce Voeller, employment discrimination, civil rights, legislation, litigation, family law, property law, adoption, history of marriage, lesbian mothers, custody, criminal law, Captain Kennedy, bias, prejudice, best interest of the child, Child Welfare Bureau of New York, gay marriage

Notes: Recap of the Conference on Gay Rights and the Law held at that University at Buffalo. School of Law. Recital of poem by Muriel Rukeyser from her collection Breaking Open titled “What Do We See.” Arthur Axlerod recites poem.

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