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37: Gay Activism in the Academy: the Formation of the Gay Academic Union, 1973-10-24


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The Madeline Davis LGBTQ Archive of Western New York


Archives & Special Collections Department, E. H. Butler Library

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Gay Activism in the Academy: the Formation of the Gay Academic Union

Date: October 24, 1973

Episode: 37

Speakers: Philip Dean Parker, Burton Weiss

Keywords: WBFO, NPR, LGBTQ, Buffalo, Stonewall Nation, gay, lesbian, academic union, gay academic union, gay liberation front, University at Buffalo, academia, library, gay books, university bookstore

Notes: Gay Liberation Front at University at Buffalo; Gay Academic Union; Gay Liberation Front; Gay Community Services Center; Caprice Travel Agency; Gay Liberation of Westchester (GLOW); National Gay Mobilizing Center (NGMC) (Urbana); NYS Coalition of Gay Organizations (NYSGO); Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley; Gay Liberation Front at the University of Rochester; Geneseo Gay Freedom Coalition; Gay Revolution of Women (GRO); Brockport Gay Freedom League; Gay Alliance Center (Rochester); Journal of Homosexuality; Gay Sociologists Caucus: Universities and the Gay Experience; Hunter College

Gay Academic Union: “The Gay Academic Union (GAU) was a group of LGBT academics who aimed at making the academia more amenable to the LGBT community. It was formed in April 1973, just four years after the Stonewall riots, held 4 yearly conferences (the last in November, 1976) and conducted other scholarly activities, it disbanded sometime after that.” (

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