Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Thomas Carr


Thomas Carr


Thomas Carr



Injustice in the Justice System: Using Ancient Philosophy as a Tool for Criminal Justice Reform

Thomas Carr, Philosophy and Criminal Justice
Faculty Mentor: Professor Leigh Duffy, Philosophy

Thomas is an Honors College student who graduated in December 2020 with a dual major in Philosophy and Criminal Justice. His academic interests include Philosophy of Law, Ethics, and Criminal Justice Policy. He explored the intersection of these areas in two separate SRCC projects in addition to his USRF 2021 research project. He plans to attend Michigan State University College of Law in Fall 2021 to earn his J.D., and hopes to pursue a career in Public Policy. During his fellowship, Thomas read extensively on the theory of justice in Plato’s Republic as well as contemporary criminal justice literature. He also interviewed individuals working in the criminal justice system, including several attorneys and a judge, and identified specific issues of injustice that our system faces. Thomas argued that these issues are demonstrative of Platonic injustice. He offered suggestions on reform initiatives and policy changes that should be pursued to alleviate these injustices in a philosophy paper that he presented in the fall and hopes to publish in an undergraduate philosophy journal.

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Thomas Carr