Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Carleen Gabrys


Carleen Gabrys


Carleen Gabrys



Reproducing History: A Doll’s 1850s Calico Dress

Carleen Gabrys, Fashion and Textile Technology
Faculty Mentor: Professor Arlesa Shephard, Fashion and Textile Technology

Carleen is a returning student with a background in Linguistics and Education, and is currently a senior pursuing a dual degree in Art History and Fashion and Textile Technology with a concentration in Textile Design. After graduating in Fall 2021, she plans to pursue doctoral studies focusing on the use of contemporary technologies in the preservation and reproduction of historic textiles.

During her fellowship, Carleen worked with the Buffalo History Museum to recreate the dress of a 19th-century doll, beginning with documentation through photographs and measurements. The textile of the garment was recreated using digital design applications and printed for use in the final reproduction. Carleen also researched extant historical garments to explore the process of drafting patterns from them and the historical sewing methods used. The final reproduced dress was displayed on the doll in the collection of the Buffalo History Museum, and Carleen’s research has been accepted for presentation at the 2021 Annual National Symposium for Costume Society of America in May 2021.

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Carleen Gabrys