Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Kyle Glenn


Kyle Glenn


Kyle Glenn



Invasive Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in Tributary Streams of Eastern Lake Erie: Re-examining its Role 15 Years after Initial Assessment

Kyle Glenn, Biology (Aquatic Concentration)
Faculty Mentor: Professor Christopher Pennuto, Biology

Kyle is a senior Biology major expecting to graduate in spring 2021. He has been interested in studying community dynamics and interactions in stream environments. After graduation, he will pursue a master’s degree in Biology at Buffalo State and aspires to work for an environmental firm in the field of native species conservation and stream protection.

During his fellowship, Kyle discovered that round gobies have expanded their range to new streams since the previous survey in 2005, and insect communities in streams harboring gobies during the past fifteen years are now more greatly impacted by the goby. By re-assessing stream insect community metrics of mean abundance, mean taxa richness, and Shannon Diversity (which were among the metrics first assessed by a previous graduate student in 2005), Kyle findings showed that all three metrics were more degraded in 2020.

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Kyle Glenn