Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Erica Green


Erica Green


Erica Green



Black Twitter, Sexuality and Gender Identity regarding Zaya Wade: A Review of the Literature

Erica Green, Africana Studies
Faculty Mentor: Professor Cameron Herman

Erica is a senior majoring in Africana Studies who will graduate in the spring of 2021. She is interested in the history and advancement of Africana Studies, and plans to pursue graduate work in Africana Studies with the goal of becoming a professor.

During her fellowship, Erica reviewed the academic literature to understand how her interest in Black Twitter’s online discourse about twelve-year old Zaya Wade’s gender identity transition is connected to existing scholarship. She focused on two bodies of literature: (1) Black Feminist perspectives on gender and sexuality; and (2) Black Twitter as an online discursive community. As a result, Erica learned that viewing Black Twitter as a contemporary discursive site can illuminate social media’s role in upholding or challenging dominant notions of gender. Erica continued her research in the 2020-21 academic year with an extensive literature review and further data collection.

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Erica Green