Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Genna Baldassarre


Genna Baldassarre



Structural and Geochemical Documentation of Metamorphic Rocks from Coastal and Inland Maine

Genna Baldassarre
, Geology
Faculty Mentor: Professor Gary Solar, Earth Sciences

Genna is a senior geology major graduating in the spring of 2021. She is specifically interested in structural and tectonic geology, but makes it a priority to be proficient in all areas of geology. After graduation, Genna will continue her studies in the master’s degree program in geosciences at Utah State University. She hopes to work in the private sector upon graduation. During her fellowship, Genna spent many hours in the Orogenic Studies Laboratory at Buffalo State, analyzing the mineral and structural data of rocks collected from the Freeport, Maine region in order to compare them to Kopinski’s samples (2019) along the Norumbega Shear Zone System. Genna found that the Freeport samplesare very similar to Kopinski’s, but differ in intensity of porphyroblast matrix and mineral matrix. This data was further explained by utilization of the SURFOR wheel to appropriately document grain size and foliation intensity. This further explains how as you move closer into the shear zone, rocks become more and more lower grade. Genna’s research was successfully presented at the Geological Society of America-Northeast spring 2021 conference.

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Genna Baldassarre