Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Ashly Canute


Ashly Canute


Ashly Canute



The Life and Times of George W. Jonson, Buffalo Lawyer and Abolitionist

Ashly Canute, History
Faculty Mentor: Professor Lisa Berglund, English

Ashly is a senior majoring in History with a minor in Literary Studies. After completing her baccalaureate degree, she hopes to further research her principal interest in medieval history at the graduate level.

During her fellowship, Ashly transcribed and created a scholarly edition based on the journals of George W. Jonson (1801- 1880), a Buffalo abolitionist and lawyer. Transcribing a portion of Jonson’s diary revealed details about his rich political activism, and digitizing some of his entries gives access to a valuable primary source for future researchers. This edition will be presented to the Buffalo History Museum for their collection on Jonson.

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Ashly Canute