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Steven Swiatek, Ryan Kelly, Emily Walker, PSY488: Teaching Assistantship
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Kimberly Kamper-DeMarco, Psychology, Professor Howard M. Reid, Psychology

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a significant impact on numerous populations globally. College students are in a challenging position due to the pandemic as they are facing illness, loss, relocation and economic hardship. Due to the initial quarantine, students had in-person classes and social events canceled, and many left campus dorms (Tasso, Hisli Sahin, & San Roman, 2020). Classes have yet to resume in-person, which may have caused many students to remain at home. These unexpected events are likely to have social and psychological impacts on students. Social support is a major factor that can help minimize the stress caused by the novel challenges of this pandemic. Quarantine, curfews, and social distancing shape social networks and in turn the likely overall impact of the pandemic on an individual (Elmer, Mepham, & Stadtfeld, 2020). More specifically, by looking at the number and quality of these social interactions, it should be possible to determine whether/how they are associated with ratings of social isolation, anxiety, and depression. The objective of the proposed research study is to gain an understanding of how COVID-19 has affected college students in various aspects of their life (e.g., mental wellbeing, relationships, physical activity, learning). This will be accomplished by having college students complete a Qualtrics survey which includes a number of questions assessing different aspects of their lives, and how they have been affected by COVID-19. Correlations will be utilized to examine these relationships.

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Understanding the Effect of COVID-19 on Student Experiences
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