Fact Checking: The Impact on Social Media Users


Fact Checking: The Impact on Social Media Users


Lauren Krug



Lauren Krug, COM 450: Communication and Society
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ann Liao, Communication

Throughout the past four years, social media platforms have begun to place fact checkers on people's posts. This was very prominent on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in regard to the 2020 presidential election. In the past year, we watched as the former president's Tweets had “warnings” placed on them. It is interesting to see how the public feels about this new feature or to see if they have even noticed this feature. This paper will help discuss the impact fact checking has had on people. I survey 500 people who use social media platforms to help us understand the impact this feature has had on the platform's audiences. It will help us to see how a sample of people feel about the use of fact checking on people's posts, Tweets, or articles. This presentation will discuss fact-checking from the perspectives of the selective processing theory.

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Fact Checking: The Impact on Social Media Users