Scott Miller



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Scott Miller, COM 450: Communication and Society
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ann Liao, Communication

Social media and technology addiction is widely prevalent in our world today. Our current generation is almost always glued to some kind of screen to get their news, follow what their friends are doing, or even follow complete strangers. To obtain information on how people are addicted to social media, I conducted a survey to ask questions such as how long participants spend on social media per day and how social media affects their other priorities in life. A literature review will be compiled on the impact of social media and addiction on people. For example, sometimes I procrastinate on homework because I sit on Twitter or YouTube to avoid doing the work. Some preliminary research I have done has concluded that many people are just like me. They use time that they could use doing work, hanging out with friends, or sleeping, as time to search the internet. The goals of my research are to learn about the effects that social media or technology addiction have on individuals and what people can do to fix the problem. I hope this study can help people, such as parents or doctors, teach the new generations why they shouldn't have their eyes on those screens all day.

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Social Media and Technology Addiction
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