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Jenna Agro, Noah Pinelli, Jaidyn Marini, Sabre Lewis, CWP102: Argumentation and Research
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Jane Sullivan, College Writing Program, Professor Susan Mary Paige, Academic Success

Throughout history, astrology (the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world), as opposed to astronomy, has continued to influence and shape the lives of the human race. From Babylon and Ancient Greece to today, people have used the concept of astrology to help make sense of life. Just how much dominion does this “science” have on the way people plan their futures? From simply looking up horoscopes, to visiting someone who can read a natal chart, to social media feed links relating a person's social media usage with their signs, astrology seems to have an even greater effect on the way people see their futures than one realizes. Just exactly how much pull does astrology really contain? We intend to study astrology in its many formats and some of the ways it influences the lives of people. After obtaining IRB approval, we use a sample of convenience. Our participants will be students attending college at a public four-year urban campus in Upstate New York. After completing a literature review, the project will survey student participants on a Likert scale to determine (a) how often they seek astrological answers to life questions, (b) how often they act on that advice, (c) the result of acting on astrological advice, and (d) their level of confidence in the direction(s) they get from astrology.

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I Asked God to Give Me a Sign; He Gave Me Cancer: Astrology in Personality and Media
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