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Ashanti Coleman, Misal Khondker, Nydir Tucker, CWP102: Argumentation and Research
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Jane Sullivan, College Writing Program, Professor Susan Mary Paige, Academic Success Program

Peer pressure plays a daily role in our lives, whether we want it to or not. It can affect the way we think, or act in certain situations. One situation often linked to peer pressure is substance abuse. It is very common for drugs and alcohol to have an effect on college students, and that leads to shattered careers, dreams, failed majors, and addiction. It is also frequently believed that teens and young adults feel the need to partake in substance abuse to fit in with the crowd around them. Additionally, drug addiction is not just a one-person phenomenon, but rather it creates a domino effect on multiple lives. In the past twenty years, we have had substance abuse programs such as Just Say No to Drugs and the Red Ribbon Program. These programs are no longer widely used and youth are left to find their own answers. Should campaigns with strategies to overcome peer pressure be brought back? With prior IRB approval we use a sample of convenience of first-year students at a public four-year urban college campus. We will conduct a survey to determine the connection between peer pressure and substance use. We will be replicating an existing study to determine if peer pressure (a) still plays a significant role in first time substance use, and (b) increases scope of substance experimentation.

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You're Already Addicted: Peer Pressure's Effect On Substance Use
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