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Antonio Ferreira, Derrick Cifuentes, Eric Ortiz, CWP102: Argumentation and Research
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Susan Mary Paige, Academic Success, Professor Jane Sullivan, College Writing Program

There is an unequal divide in the United States created by wealth. Research indicates that famous people from poor or middle-class backgrounds who acquire fame and fortune quickly struggle with balancing their newfound prosperity. There is evidence that suggests people with newfound fame and money often have many negative outcomes. Sometimes rookie professional athletes believe their newfound fame and money can act as a shield against punishment. NFL player Aaron Hernandez is one example. Does fame and wealth do more harm for the people who acquire it? We selected professional athletes as an example of this phenomenon. This project will include a comprehensive literature review of statistical data about newfound fame and wealth on the NFL rookie class of 2018. We will evaluate their (a) interpersonal behavior, (b) abuse of their status, (c) financial management, and (d) philanthropy. After the literature review, we will identify five rookies in the 2018 NFL draft to compare their profession path with the overall outcomes of the rookie class of 2018. We are not using the 2020 season because of the complications presented by COVID-19.

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Does Fame and Wealth Do More Harm for People Who Acquire It?
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