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Alyssia Schwab, Shane Gelster, Kaitlyn Cottrill, CWP102: Argumentation and Research
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Susan Mary Paige, Academic Success, Professor Jane Sullivan, College Writing Program

Today's youth uses video games as a stress reliever without understanding the effects it has on sleep and academic performance. Video games are often used by first-year college students as a way to relieve stress and escape reality from their hectic academic and personal lives. The project will provide evidence about (a) the connection between sleep habits and video game play time, (b) the effects that sleep habits have on daily life, specifically academic performance, and (c) how to regulate video game play and its effect on sleep schedules and performance. After a comprehensive literature review of peer reviewed articles, we will administer a Likert scale self-reporting survey to the participants. The participants will be a sample of convenience of first year students at a four-year public urban college in Upstate New York. This study, with prior IRB approval, will analyze the effects that video games have on the sleep habits of participants. They will be asked about (a) hours spent playing video games, (b) sleep patterns, and (c) current grade point average (GPA). A correlational data analysis will be used to determine the connection between video game play, sleep habits, and GPA. The goal will be to identify stopping cues to assist college students in decreasing screen time and improving academic success.

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Video Games May Be Hurting You More Than You Think
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