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Randall S. Filippone, Electrical Engineering Technology
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Arjun K. Pathak, Physics

Rare-earth (R) intermetallics show a wealth of interesting fundamental physics due to localized 4f electrons. Importantly, the physical behaviors of these compounds can be tailored by controlling either or both chemistry and structure, hence they remain an intriguing subject for materials science and condensed matter physics communities. Here we present magnetic and transport properties of ternary rare-earth transition metal antimonides with the stoichiometry R3TiSb5 (R=Ce, Nd, Pr). The compounds crystallize in the anti-Hf5CuSn3 -type hexagonal structure, space-group P63/mcm (hP18). Our magnetic measurements show that the compounds with R=Ce, Nd undergo antiferromagnetic transition below 5K. However, the compound with R=Pr does not show magnetic ordering down to 1.5K. The resistivity for R=Nd was also measured from 2 to 300K at magnetic field up to 5 Tesla. The resistivity shows metallic behavior with a transition around 5K for R=Nd, which is consistent with the magnetic measurement. This work has been carried out in collaboration between Buffalo State College, the University at Genova, Italy, and Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France.

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Magnetic and Transport Properties of R3TiSb5 (R=Ce;Pr;Nd) Compounds
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