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Michael Grey



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Michael Grey, PHY495: Special Project
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ram Rai, Physics

This research project was focused on synthesis of Mn4Nb2O9 and Fe4Nb2O9 oxides, which were successfully synthesized via conventional solid-state reaction. The important step in synthesis of these compounds was to use the argon gas environment during the sintering process. In this presentation, we report detail synthesis processes and characterizations of these two compounds. The x-ray diffraction characterization revealed a single-phase compound with a purity of >99%. The magnetization versus temperature data show an antiferromagnetic transition temperature of 93 K and 110 K for Fe4Nb2O9 and Mn4Nb2O9, respectively. We used one-inch diameter Mn4Nb2O9 target for Magnetron Sputtering to deposit Mn4Nb2O9 thin films on (001) Al2O3 (sapphire) and (001) LiNbO3 single crystal substrates. The x-ray diffraction patterns of Mn4Nb2O9 thin films on LiNbO3 show a preferentially c-plane oriented thin film. We will also present the optical properties and magnetization data of Mn4Nb2O9 thin films.

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Synthesis of Fe4Nb2O9 and Mn4Nb2O9 Oxides
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