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Devanshi Malaviya, Computer Information Systems
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Arjun Pathak, Physics

Transition metal borides attracted considerable attention to the scientific community due to its potential applications, including a permanent magnet and cooling devices. AlFe2B2 is one such material that was initially reported by Jeitschko et al. (Acta Crystallogr., Sect. B: Struct. Sci, 25 (1969) 163). Recently, a large magnetocaloric effect near room temperature (Tan et al. JACS 135 (2013) 9553) was reported for the material. The crystal structure of AlFe2B2 based compounds adopts orthorhombic (space group Cmmm) with alternating Al monolayers and Fe2B2 slabs along the long b axis. Here we present the detailed study of the effect of substitution Fe by other 3d elements and B by p-block elements on magnetic, specific heat, and electrical transport properties of AlFe2B2 compound. We observed anomalous electrical transport behavior above and below the ferromagnetic to paramagnetic phase transition and found that transition temperature can be controlled by substitution.

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Magnetic, Thermodynamic, and Electrical Transport Properties of Al-Fe-B Based Intermetallic Compounds
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