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Jeffrey Paryz



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Jeffrey Paryz, Physics
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Arjun Pathak, Physics

Materials responding strongly to minor variations of external stimuli such as temperature, pressure, or magnetic field could revolutionize many of the energy technologies, including refrigeration, actuation, and sensing. Magnetocaloric compounds that are constituted of abundant and non-toxic elements are especially appealing to realize the commercialization of magnetic refrigeration technology. During the EURO program, I was involved in synthesis techniques for bulk magnetocaloric materials, focusing on synthesis and obtaining training for materials' characterization with different techniques. We focused on magnetocaloric materials that have phase transitions around room temperature. In this presentation, I discuss synthesis techniques, materials' properties optimization, and characterization. As an example, I present the phase transition, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of the Mn1-xFexNiSi1-yAly compound.

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Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Mn1-xFexNiSi1-yAly intermetallic alloys
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