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Meghan McCallum, Christopher Morillo, Sarah Rosado, CWP102: Argumentation and Research
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Susan Mary Paige, Academic Success, Professor Jane Sullivan, College Writing Program

The current pandemic medical climate is tumultuous, which has overwhelmed doctors and scientists alike and changed the culture of entire countries. This may be the perfect opportunity to combat our contemporary problems with an ancient approach: Eastern medicine. Is now the time for people to recognize the benefits of Eastern medicine? There is a belief that Western medicine is better for acute medical emergencies. But for long-term ailments and illness, might Eastern medicine be a better choice for long-term care? Western medicine's wide acceptance allows for insurance coverage but negates health care covered options if a patient chooses to follow Eastern medical practices. Is this just a case of Western medicine having better public relations and/or funding supported by large pharmaceutical companies? If people knew the successful outcomes of Eastern medicine, would more people be accepting of those who choose to follow Eastern medical advice? Is the preference for Western medical practice more dependent on financial or medical considerations? With IRB approval, this project seeks to determine the perception of Eastern medicine through a case study of (a) one insurance provider, (b) two medical professionals (MD and OD), and (c) two patients (MD and OD).

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An Ancient Solution to a Contemporary Medical Problem: Separating Fact from Fiction
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