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Stovetop Overheat Sensor Project


Stovetop Overheat Sensor Project



Christopher Lonczak, Monte Perkins, Michael Adanri, Kamali Henry, ENT466: Electrical Design 2
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ilya Grinberg, Engineering Technology, James Heimburger, Northrop-Grumman, Professor Darold Wobschall, Engineering Technology and ESensors

The Stovetop Overheat Sensor is part of a larger home monitoring system for assisting the elderly. The objective of the project is to monitor the elderly in their everyday home activity. It is known that the elderly population is more susceptible to a variety of significant medical conditions. These medical conditions may include Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, dementia, and depression. The project utilizes three separate sensors working together to monitor the overall status of a cooking area being used. The sensors being used include a volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor, air temperature sensor and infrared sensor. The VOC sensor detects volatile organic compounds which can be the result of burning, the infrared sensor detects heat being radiated by the cooking surface such as a pot or pan, and lastly the air temperature sensor detects the temperature of the air in the vicinity of the stovetop. The project uses the PIC16F18446 microcontroller to control the operation of the three sensors. The microcontroller is used to receive and process the data retrieved from the sensors and checks them against a set of predetermined parameters to ensure the safe operation of the cooking area. If the data from the sensors reach the predefined parameters, possible or immediate danger will be indicated and the system will then set off an alarm alerting the user of the danger. This project is a subsystem of a larger home monitoring system being developed by ESensor company and is intended to function as one of the main threat detection subsystems.

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Stovetop Overheat Sensor Project